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3 Cooling Strategies for Homeowners

Many people think of air conditioning as an unnecessary extravagance. But if you live in a place with hot and steamy summers, an AC is essential to day-to-day life. And if you are indoors a lot, life can be especially rough without a functioning AC unit. Imagine boiling in sweat as you open all windows to no avail.

If you’re looking for central air installation in Utah you should know how to get the most out of your AC. Just like any machine, there are things you can do to make your AC run better, faster, and cooler. Little things like keeping your windows closed and cleaning the filters often go a long way in keeping your AC running year after year.

1. Keep doors and windows closed

Keeping your home’s outdoor doors and windows closed is one of the most important things to do to ensure your home is adequately cooled and the AC is working efficiently.

Many people think that keeping the windows open during hot days ensures regular movement of air. While that can be true, do not do this while the AC unit is running. The open windows only let the cool air out and the warm air in, forcing the AC to work harder.

If you want to improve air circulation in a room, turn the ceiling fan on while the AC is running. The fan will circulate the cool air faster, helping the AC do its job. You should pull the blinds and curtains as well. The fabric prevents heat entry through the glass pane.

2. Perform basic maintenance

If you want to keep your AC running year after year, it is essential to perform basic maintenance. The most you can do is basic visual inspections, however. For everything else, you need to contact a professional heating and cooling company to inspect and service your AC.

HVAC professionals have to be booked ahead of time, up to a year in some instances. Call today for appointment months from now to ensure you do not forget basic AC maintenance. The technician should inspect all moving parts, including the motors, belts, and coils, and repair or lubricate them when required.

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3. Use the timer function

Instead of keeping your AC running all the time, shut it off when it is not needed. Of course, you can do this yourself. But what if you live with other people? One way to regulate AC usage is to utilize the timer function.

Using the timer ensures the AC automatically shuts off when not in use. Let’s say you tend to oversleep. Setting the timer to shut off after a certain amount of time keeps energy costs low.

Newer windows AC units should have built-in timers you can use right away. The only trade-off is you have to set each timer individually. Some centralized home systems also have thermostats that have a timer function.

These guidelines will help you cool your home better. No one wants to be stuck with a broken, especially during a hot summer day. It is vital that you keep the AC in good condition and always defer to the experts when it comes to maintenance.

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