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3 Creative Ways to Use an Antique Mantel

If you love the warm design that a fireplace mantel lends to a space, here are three creative ways you can incorporate them into your home’s interior design, even if you don’t have an actual fireplace.

Use It as a Frame

Antique stone fireplace mantels make a gorgeous mirror frame, notes Authentic Provence. It instantly transforms a plain looking mirror into an elegant piece of wall décor, and a unique one at that. You can also use it to frame a space on the wall to define an area for a to-do board. You can also use it to frame a set of floating shelves to make them stand out. Antique mantels create depth and make an interesting design element worthy as a focal point.

Use It as a Headboard

Add charm and character into your bedroom design by using an antique mantel as a headboard. Perhaps the easiest DIY headboard design idea to execute, you can simply attach the mantel to a board to create a solid looking headboard, directly install it onto the wall, or fill the niche with a padded board for a warmer and cozier touch. Styling a mantel headboard is easy, creating a unique design is totally achievable.

Use It as a Slim Console

If you have a narrow entryway and even the slimmest console table wouldn’t fit, use a mantel as a console table. The crown provides enough space to serve as a tabletop where you can leave small items like keys or even a mail tray. And because the mantel can be attached to the wall, it creates a cleaner, more streamlined look that creates a warm and welcoming entryway.

There are plenty of other ways to incorporate an antique mantel into your home’s current design. Fireplace mantels are a clever design element that seamlessly blends with any interior décor and one that instantly adds a warm touch to any room you decorate it with.

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