Family-Friendly Holiday

3 Family-Friendly Must Dos in Queensland You Shouldn’t Miss

Family-Friendly HolidayQueensland is a 1.7-million square kilometre land rich in heritage rainforests and a bunch of world class islands. It is home to the largest coral reef, as well. Here are some of Queensland’s most sought after family-friendly hotspots:

Explore Brisbane

Take a tour of Brisbane’s uber-cool shopping streets, charming city cruises and iconic landmarks. Families will enjoy a climb atop the popular Story Bridge, along with ‘Koala hugging’ photo sessions at the Lone Pine Sanctuary. Brisbane features many famous shopping areas, such as James Street. If you’re tired from all the shopping, Gerard’s Bistro and its locals say that it’s highly recommended to indulge in a savoury meal in its nearby upscale restaurants.

Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest and most iconic reef, the heritage-marked Great Barrier Reef tops the list of every marine adventure buff with its over 2,000 kilometres coastline. With its crystal clear shimmering waters and a treasure trove of marine creatures (manta rays, turtles and more), the reef beckons travellers of all ages for a memorable tryst with nature. Go diving with the sea creatures near Lady Elliot Island or snorkel at the waters off Port Douglas. From romantic flights offering a dramatic view of the reef or lazy sunbathing on the coastal islands, there are many spots to keep the family busy here.

Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo is one of the region’s most popular family vacation attractions. The zoo pays fitting homage to its quirky founder, wildlife buff Steve Irwin. Other than everything creepy crawly in true Irwin tradition, the zoo also houses a crocodile museum and a Tiger Temple. Other house favourites include gigantic tortoises, otters, camels and more. What’s more? You can cuddle up to a koala and feed a panda for the cutest animal encounters. Nestled a few kilometres away from Beerwah, it can be conveniently accessed from the Sunshine Coast.

Queensland is a collage of natural beauty, adventure, outdoor sports and buzzing cities. Its pleasant weather all year round coupled with a versatile topography makes it a great destination for family holidays. From the diving at the Great Barrier Reef to visiting the Australia Zoo to exploring Brisbane, the adventures here are virtually endless.

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