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3 Reasons Your Amazon Sellers Need SEO

As one of the biggest online retail platforms, Amazon presents a lot of opportunities for people to generate revenue. However, in order to maximize what Amazon can give, sellers need to leverage various digital marketing solutions. One of the things online sellers can use is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

According to the marketing experts at, SEO makes it easier for buyers to find products on search engines through highly targeted content. This is important because Amazon has a built-in search feature as well.

But how important is SEO to Amazon sellers? Here are 3 reasons why it is essential.


One of the most important features of SEO is making your listing searchable. By optimizing commonly used keywords to be more recognizable by search engines, sellers can be more visible to customers.

Visibility is important because almost 64% of site visits come from organic searches. More visibility means more site visits, which ideally means more conversions.


A good SEO campaign should bring your listing to the first page of a search, ideally at the top. Search result rankings are an effective way to drive customers to your page, as 70% of online searches results in a click-through on the first page.

With over 40,000 online searches per second, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day, getting to the first page of search results becomes a very high priority for sellers.

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Solution

Professional SEO services usually come at scalable prices, depending on the need of the seller. Given the benefits of SEO, among these, making sellers more visible and making their listings rank higher, it is an investment with potentially lucrative returns.

The cost-effectiveness of SEO campaigns can be underscored further by this study that shows that 50% of customers who performed a local search actually visited the physical store of the seller on the same day.

With all the benefits of an SEO campaign, Amazon sellers can potentially see high returns from simply optimizing their content and targeting it to their target market – two things that an effective campaign will achieve.

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