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3 Strategic Ways to Level Up Your Home Vibe

Remember the 1964 ballad by music icon Dionne Warwick, “A House Is Not A Home”? It talks about everything inside a house being almost meaningless, if not for the relationships of persons who dwell there. It is all about the vibe created by people who genuinely love each other.

Indeed, people can feel this vibration whenever they come to a place they can truly call “home.” While houses come in a wide variety of designs, shapes, and sizes — there are at least three ways to level up the vibration inside and outside the shelter.

Not Just Another Brick on the Wall

Maybe it’s time to move away from the old, tired flat wall whites and grays. How about trying a duo-tone or a warm egg yolk yellow color to brighten up that boring cement wall?  Walls compose the widest space or surface in any home or structure, aside from the floor and roofing. How these walls look matters since they are always in one’s line of sight, right?

Doing the brick red or brownish wall has been done over and over again. It still works, especially if you are into the industrial style of architecture. But maybe it is high time to experiment on colored bricks?

If you don’t know where to start, firms like Longhill Contracting have a long-established history in turning so-so homes and commercial establishments into works of art. The right mix of paint and choice of wall material is so crucial to the project. But redoing the walls entails other essential tasks that simply cannot be left undone. These are some of the functions or services that wall specialists can help you with for your wall design and finish:

1. Check the Structural Integrity

This task should perhaps be on top of the list. Checking the structure of the wall itself for stability and safety is a design and safety factor. This aspect of construction is so important that it is considered a separate engineering field of study. Structural integrity is a factor that needs to be in the wall design, given the fact that environmental and material considerations, such as corrosion, fatigue, and structural fracture. Failure can occur over time if walls and other parts of a structure are left unchecked.

Inevitably, whether the structure is a house or a commercial venue like a restaurant, gym, or school — the safety of people that will use it comes into the picture. Inspections need to be made to help ensure that the materials, alignment, and dimensions of the wall comply with construction safety laws and standards. This type of work is best done by experienced professionals with a good reputation in wall construction.

2. Install Metal Frames if Needed

There might also be a need to install metal frames to support wall fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, and other items that require stable support. The services of a reliable contractor come in handy to minimize damage, accidents, and design flaws that the inexperienced may encounter when they opt for the DIY option. Metal frames also make the walls level up in terms of functionality.

3. Acoustic Design

The acoustic design of a home, and especially that of a theater or music hall, is not only vital for the enjoyment of tunes and movies. Daily, people engage in conversations inside the house or office. The quality of sounds that reverberate around them genuinely matters. It is quite essential to the effectiveness of the entire communication process and the quality of their musical or cinematic experience.

Picture a room or a dining hall where people can relax and have a good time because of excellent acoustics. Surely, no one wants to stay inside a place that makes them feel like being in a dungeon or a dark cave surrounded by echoes, even if those echoes come from their very own voices.

The acoustic design is also a vital aspect of how classrooms are built.  These classrooms need to enable professors and teachers to speak clearly and audibly across the room without straining their vocal cords.

People who live in large, dense cities surrounded by cars and other sources of environmental noise want to have rooms that can drown out the surrounding noise. Again, here, acoustic design matters.

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4. Wall Repair

There are also occasions when a repair job by qualified and experienced wall specialists is needed. The New York Times reported that landlords in New York were forced to pay a whopping $31 Million in fines for failure to maintain the integrity of walls in their rented apartments and buildings. In the report, it was said that facades or exterior walls of their properties were found to pose a threat to the pedestrians’ safety. No one can also afford to ignore wall safety in their homes, especially in rooms used by children and the elderly. Wall repairs must also be a priority in public establishments.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Aside from paying attention to the wall, placing plants in and around the house is also a great way to create a positive vibe. Plants have been scientifically proven to help people develop a good mood, remove environmental toxins, and even promote good sleep.

Turn Up the Music

Finally, playing your favorite music always helps improve the aura and feel inside a home. How about some Bossa Nova during a hot but relaxed weekend? Playing the standards from Sinatra and other crooners from the Golden Age seem to make Sundays even better. For the younger people, playing dance beats and even rap music never fails to make the house feel alive. Whatever the genre, if shared with people you love, that home will always be the place you can keep close to your heart.

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