3 Things to Do When a Loved One Passed Away

Funeral Ceremony in UtahOne of the most challenging trials you’ll ever have to go through in life is a loved one passing away. Although this is an extremely difficult time emotionally, you still have to be on top of things to make sure your loved one gets the love and recognition he or she deserves.

Here are some responsibilities you need to take care of for your deceased loved one: 

Get a Death Certificate

The first thing you must get is a legal pronouncement of death from the doctor of your loved one. If he or she passed away at home, the hospice nurse can be the one to declare the death. If there is no hospice nurse, you can call 911. When you have the pronouncement of death, go to the Vital Statistics office to get certified copies of the death certificate. You can do this a week or so after the death.

Think About Their Wishes

The best way to honor the deceased is to recognize and fulfill their wishes, says McDougal Funeral Home. Discuss with the entire family so you can piece everything together. See if anyone knows the person’s wishes about burial or cremation, funeral arrangement, will, organ donation, and any other specific wishes if the time comes that he or she passes away.

Arrange a Funeral

Within the days following the death, you must contact a funeral parlor for funeral arrangements. Getting a cremation or a burial for your late loved one are your two options. If your loved one prepared a burial plan for this occasion, his or her preference is more likely to be there. If not, you’d have to decide yourself. Prepare an obituary to inform everyone where and when the funeral will be held.

Follow these steps so you could pay tribute to your deceased loved one for the last time. Do these with the entire family so you can all contribute something in honor of your loved one.

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