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3 Things to Look for in a Dedicated GPS Unit

Technology today has allowed people to access navigation technology to help them get around via their smartphones. For those who rely on long-distance travel for their businesses or those looking for a more accurate navigational aid, only a dedicated GPS unit will do.

From the durability of the build to in-built GPS inertial simulation, here are the three things that you need to look out for to ensure that you get the best unit available.

1. Durability of build

One of the characteristics that makes dedicated units stand out is that they’re built more durable. While many higher-end smartphones are water and dustproof nowadays, that doesn’t hold a candle to what dedicated units can offer. The very best options available today incorporate submersibility in deeper waters, true weatherproofing, and truly potent drop protection. All these are the bare minimum you should look for in the unit you’re getting.

2. Accuracy

Another critical characteristic of the best units is the accuracy with which they can track your position. The very basic requirement for this is being able to connect to

four satellites all at once. You should ensure that your unit is able to do this to ensure proper triangulation of where you are. Additionally, inquire about how quick the handoff is as you travel to different areas of coverage. The faster this happens, the better the unit that you’re getting.

3. Testability

Finally, you should also get unit that is able to be tested prior to using it in the real world. Many of the best units have options for GPS inertial simulation that allows you to carefully test the unit without needing to expose yourself to danger. This kind of simulation will let you test all the functions of the unit across a range of conditions that you set yourself. This will allows you to get ready for any challenges down the line.

Before you get a unit, check for all these things to ensure that you only have the very best.

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