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3 Tips to Choose the Right Online Paralegal Training

Online Paralegal TrainingOnline training in the paralegal profession is gaining popularity, as these programs make studying more convenient. Adding to this advantage is that several online paralegal schools today provide even associate and bachelor’s degree in the field.

While ample choice is always good, it can get overwhelming when it comes to picking the right online paralegal school, particularly when considering that there are a few poorly designed courses available over the Internet.

Here are few tips to help you find the right online paralegal school.

1. Choose The Right Level of Online Paralegal Studies

Even before you enroll into an online school, be careful to select the right credentials. As per the ABA guidelines, three educational credentials are sufficient for you to kick-start your career as a paralegal. Find an online program with these credentials and save thousands on fees.

In addition, although certificate courses are most commonly on offer as entry-level credentials, many law firms in the US require associate or bachelor’s degree from applicants.

2. Job Placement Rates

When choosing an online training program for paralegals, you have to know three very important things about them, namely:

• Their job placement rates.
• Availability of internships and career placements while still pursuing the online course.
• Their pass rates for graduates on well-known national certification exams.

Always choose an online paralegal school that has a high job placement and graduate pass rate.

3. Accreditation

Finally, choose online paralegal schools with accreditation from a national authority, as this indicates their credibility. Also, note that an online school could have either national or regional accreditation. A regionally accredited school may not accept credits from their nationally accredited counterparts, and vice versa. This may hamper your studies if you wish to earn an advanced degree from a differently accredited college later on.

Keep these few tips in mind and choose an appropriate online paralegal school to make a sizzling start to a sizzling career as a paralegal.

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