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3 Ways to Store Diamond Rings

Did you know that when it comes to diamond spending, Dallas, TX wins the spending game with people spending an average of $10,068 for every stone? As for the second big spending, San Francisco, CA wins with an average spending of $9,663 per diamond, followed by Seattle (average of $7,657 per stone), Los Angeles (average of $7,627 per diamond), and finally Washington, DC (average of $7,529 per stone). With such huge investments, how do you properly store your diamonds? Here are some ways. Keep these in mind if you’re planning to buy or restore a diamond ring in Utah:

1. First of all, have it insured

Engagement rings are expensive, so better have it insured for your own protection. In fact, that’s the first thing you should do after posting about your engagement on social media. Sure, you cannot replace the sentimental value for the ring but at least you could get some money out of your misfortune and (maybe) use it to buy another one.

2. Prepare for proper storage

We don’t mean putting it in the family vault (until such time that you need to), but you need to have proper storage for your diamond rings for everyday use. Some like to use porcelain dishes to store their rings, while others like to store their precious rings inside jewelry boxes lined with fabric. If you do, ensure that your diamond ring has its own compartment to prevent scratches.

3. Give your ring a good, regular clean

If you wear your diamond ring regularly, it’s important to clean it regularly too. While there are some commercial cleaning solutions for your jewelry, you only need a mild detergent and lukewarm water to soak your rings. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use harsh chemicals to clean your precious rings. For better cleaning, you can visit your jeweler to have it resized if needed and cleaned professionally.

Keep these tips in mind if you have a diamond ring in your possession. And if you have an heirloom diamond ring, you can also use these tips to restore them.

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