4 Decorating Ideas for Your Gate and Fence Makeover

Have you grown tired of seeing the same old design on your fence? Maybe it’s time you turn up your creative side and start giving your fence and gates a makeover. If you’re looking for inspiration or design ideas, here are some worth trying.

Grow Some Foliage

This suggestion will work best with chain link fences but doing it with wood and other types of gate will be just fine. What you have to do is use it as a trellis and let crawling plants grow over it. Although a fence foliage is not achievable overnight, this idea provides a unique and colorful twist to your home garden. Apart from aesthetics, it helps increase your home’s security on a certain level.

New Shades & Hues

Changing the color of your fence is probably the easiest and most inexpensive way to refresh the look of your backyard. Take this opportunity to experiment with a variety of designs and shades and not only go for plain ones. You may even think of your fence or gate as your canvas and turn it into a great work of art.

Hang Some Decor

Create a beautiful parade of decor in your garden by hanging some of your precious collections out in the open. From frames, little bird houses to garden planters, you can practically incorporate any of these to give new life to your dull and bare fences. Just be sure that these pieces of decor will not destroy or look out of place along with your home’s overall architecture.

Play of Lights

Another great and creative way to glam up your boring fences is to light it up. One of the most popular lighting options is fairy lights. Apart from providing perfect illumination, it is a great mood-setter to achieve a certain vibe outdoors. For this one, the color and type of lights you choose play a key role in achieving the look you have in mind, so it is important to make the best choice.

Use these ideas to transform your fence from drab to fab. Whether you have wooden or metal fencing and gates these design techniques will certainly go perfectly fine with them. You just need to be a little creative and resourceful when it comes to designing, and all your efforts will certainly pay off.

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