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4 Home Decorating Tips for Renters

If you’re only renting a home, then it’s admittedly difficult to decorate. There are so many limitations. You can’t paint on the walls or drill in holes to hang paintings. You can’t replace the kitchen cupboards. You can’t even change your flooring or redo your bathroom tiles. Basically, you just have to make do with what was already provided in the home or apartment when you first moved in. Otherwise, you’re going to forfeit your security deposit — and you don’t want that.

But that doesn’t mean there are no ways for you to redecorate. Despite the limitations and rules, there are still things you can do to spruce up your temporary home and make it more appealing. Here are some decorating tips for renters. 

You can’t go wrong with removable wallpaper.

Unless your landlord permits you to repaint the walls, you have to come up with another way to breathe life into those dull and boring walls. So how about using removable wallpaper?

Several wallpaper types in the market don’t damage the walls when they’re removed. This may be a temporary fix, but it will drastically change the overall look of your interiors. If you’re afraid of covering the whole space with wallpaper, you can opt to work on one wall and make it a statement wall. 

Choose hanging strips over holes.

The easiest way to add some more style and personality to your home is to hang paintings, photos, and artworks. But, again, if you’re renting, you can’t drill holes in the walls without risking your security deposit. 

Luckily, there are safe and impermanent options, such as making use of hanging strips. These are adhesive tapes that can hold paintings, photos, and other pieces of wall art without causing damage to the walls. With these, you can put up your memorabilia in peace.

Cover up dull flooring with rugs

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Condominium or apartment landlords often keep their units simple and basic. But this can start feeling dull for someone living there for over a year. A good way you can cover up dull flooring and make the place feel like your own is to use rugs. You can buy modern rugs online; they come in different colors, textures, and patterns that can easily refresh the look of your living area. They can help personalize your home and even create the illusion of a bigger space.

Replace the furniture

What landlords don’t like are permanent fixtures. But more often than not, they have no problem with you replacing the furniture as long as you return the old ones when you move out. Some landlords are even happy to pull out the old couches or tables you don’t want to use. 

Buy a colorful couch, rustic chairs, and tables, a new bed frame, and bold curtains. These will help give contrast to those plain and blank walls in your apartment. The best part is you can take this furniture with you when you move out.

Redecorating your home does not have to include a lot of permanent construction work. Keep in mind that the slightest details can create a drastic improvement. So take these tips and personalize your temporary residence.

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