4 Practical Ways to Save Money on Car Repairs

Car Repair in Saint JohnsA car repair is like a dental appointment. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or you’re pretty flush these days. You need it. Your car needs it. Your safety and your family’s safety depend on it.

Here are some ways on how to save on car repairs:

Choose wisely

Same with dental clinics, not all car repair shops are made equal. What most people fail to do is to check the shop prior to their visit. And it’s not like you can blame me. Most people don’t visit car repair shops unless they need to. But you need to choose the right shop for the right job. So it’s best to scout and drop by and have a friendly chat or inquiry even before you bring your ride for repairs or checkup. See how skilled the staff is. There should be a system for comings and goings. If it doesn’t feel right to you, look for another car repair shop in your area.

Ask for a referral

There is nothing more powerful that word of mouth, in fact, it could be a car repair shop’s best advertising. Ask your friends for referrals. You can also check forums or automobile groups in your area for repair shops who do well.

Foster professional relationships

One of the ways to avoid long-winded repairs is to find a mechanic you can trust and stick with him or her for as long as you can. Working with the same car expert will remove the need to go through the car’s long repair history, if any, and go straight to the work. The same advice applies when finding a healthcare provider.

Watch and learn

While there are many YouTube videos online for simple car repairs, watching a mechanic at work is better. Feel free to ask for tips and learn how to do simple repairs yourself to save money and time. But be careful not to DIY everything, especially if you have little know-how on the subject.

Car repairs can be a great nuisance in life’s daily hustle and bustle but you can’t do without. Another way to save on car repairs is to avoid getting a lemon. Cars are a huge investment. Be careful when getting used cars because you might end up paying more in repairs compared to just buying a brand new one.

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