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4 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress from Work

Stress is part and parcel of living in modern society. If you are working from home, it’s even inevitable. The new changes in the work setting can bring about stressful episodes multiple times a week. Stress may be harmless, but if not taken care of, it can play havoc with your health, your work, and your family.

Stress activates your fight or flight mechanisms. It allows your nervous system to pump out hormones that can increase your heart rate and elevate your blood pressure. Together with an unhealthy lifestyle, stress can cause serious illnesses. It is, therefore, necessary to figure out what to do about stress. Here are some ways to alleviate it:

  • Exercise

Schedule a portion of your work-from-home routine for exercise. When you exercise, your brain produces endorphins that make you feel like you are more in control. In today’s pandemic, we often feel stressed because we think our lives are out of control. Engaging yourself in a regular workout can help you have a sense of perspective.

  • Have a positive mindset

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It may be difficult in these trying times, but shifting to a positive mindset can help alleviate your stress. It is not the event that causes stress but the way we look at it. If you look at it positively, then you can help manage your stress more successfully.

Understanding your fundamental goals and values greatly helps, as well. When you stay true to your core values, you will feel more grounded, making it easier to see things in the right perspective.

  • Practice stillness

Taking time at the end of your shift to close the window curtains and sit in an empty room as you acknowledge your feelings and practice stillness can help you. Stillness is the best way to create physical healing. It enables you to slow down through breathing, meditating, and bringing your body back to your center. This allows you to reorganize your nervous system and lets your body heal itself naturally.

Also, when you slow down, it becomes easier for you to let go of stress. This makes your body have the resource to heal whatever it needs healing.

  • Assert Yourself

Most of the time, our stress is coming from not being able to reach the expectations of others. Be confident about your performance. As long as you do what is required of you, you are OK. It’s fine to say “no” from time to time. Remember, in asserting yourself, you are not only fighting for your rights but also respecting others.

The changes all around us take a toll on our physical and mental health. By doing these tips, you can prevent stress from taking over your life, health, and relationships.

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