4 Small Things That Could Cost Your Company More Money

professional cleaning service in Salt Lake CityWhen you’re running an SME, you need to make every dollar count towards your brand’s success. Any wasted resource can mean capital that could have been spent towards marketing, hiring another assistant, or even a launch event.

What you may not know is that the most harmless thing could be the reason you seem to be spending too much on overhead expenses. Here’s what some experts say you may be doing that is bad for cutting costs:

1. Failing to maintain your appliances.

When you don’t clean your air-conditioning and heating units, they use more energy. A full refrigerator or a dirty microwave oven at work also consume more electricity. Make sure that you hire the most trustworthy office cleaning company that Salt Lake City has to offer. They should clean your appliances to make them work efficiently and a lot more.

2. Working in a dusty area.

When you have to deal with a huge quantity of inventory, especially paperwork, your office can gather dust. If your employees have allergies, then you’ll find that you lose productivity if they’re always sneezing or feeling awful. If your workers get sick too often, consider cleaning your office to minimize bacteria and dust.

3. Leaving all your equipment plugged in.

Always unplug your computers, fax machines, heating units, copy machines, printers and other equipment when you’re not using them. They still consume electricity and if you add up those little costs every month, you’ll end up with an amount you wish you had at the end of the year.

4. Wasting paper and ink.

Training everyone how to use the printer efficiently and giving your employees a quota of supplies every week can help reduce waste. Replacing your old printer might also be a good idea since many printers today have smart technology that uses cartridges that produce less ink.

Maintaining your office regularly can really help you save money and can make your workers healthier, work more productively and even gain more clients. It’s up to you to make it happen.

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