4 Trends in Kitchen Designs

Kitchen DesignInarguably, kitchens are the heart of every home thus great deals of homeowners strive to create the best kitchen space. The 21st century has brought a lot breathtaking designs that leave you no choice but to upgrade your kitchen.

But even if you aren’t planning for an immediate renovation, Enigma Interiors shares some trendy updates highly recommended by notable kitchen designers in Brisbane. Here’s a sneak peek of the latest trends in kitchen designs.

Creating Smart Kitchen Spaces

Kitchen areas now have state-of-art appliances such as meat thermometers (sends alerts to your smartphone when dinner is made), built-in coffee machines and sensor activated lights. Additionally, you can now charge your phone wirelessly through a transmitter installed below the countertop.

Merging the Kitchen Space with the Living Room Area

The kitchen is no longer the place where food is prepared; it is where families eat and relax. Previous kitchen designs disconnected the kitchen from the rest of the home. The latest models, however, integrate the kitchen with the living room by installing integrated appliances. Kitchen designers Brisbane are now merging kitchens with living room spaces to create a more accommodating environment.

Texture Contrast

Traditional designs have been all about matching textures of a kitchen space. While such designs are appealing kitchen designers, Brisbane now advocates for the use of contrasting textures and patterns to add warmth to a kitchen. It can be done by including architectural profiles on door posts, patterned tiling or wooden paneling.

Maximising Storage

While a kitchen pantry may be storing plenty of supplies, it still does not provide ample space for cookware and cutlery. As such, kitchen designers are now creating more space by setting up multi-tiered drawers. So if your kitchen area has been crowded lately, be sure to incorporate multi-tiered drawers in your kitchen renovation budget.

For homeowners who want to invest in kitchen renovation, trendy and sensible designers definitely offer value for money.

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