4 Ways To Prevent Mold From Infesting Your Home

person sprating chemical to treat moldsMold usually thrive in the moist area. Although mold is essential in producing penicillin, mold left undetected in your very own home can cause a lot of problems. Exposure to mold can compromise your health and can even cause your house to deteriorate. Contacting water damage restoration services in states like Utah can help, but you still have to do your part to prevent it from getting any worse. So, how do you prevent it from happening?

Locate the problem areas in your house

Check all the possible areas where moisture is at its peak. Do you notice any condensation or water stain on the ceiling or any areas where water often drips? Check the carpet and see if any black spots are forming underneath it. You may also check underneath the sink to see if there are any mold formation already.

Quickly dry wet areas

Mold can’t thrive without enough moisture. So dry any spill or seepage from the basement within a day or two to prevent any mold formation. Don’t leave any area or item soaking wet and make sure to dry the wall and floor after using the shower.

Maintain proper ventilation

Make sure to use dehumidifies and AC units to prevent any moisture from accumulating. Also, make sure to open the windows a few hours each day to maintain a healthy air circulation inside your home. Also, try to open the window when you’re doing other household chores such as washing the dishes or even cooking to prevent moisture from holding inside.

Clean roof gutters

Leaks on your roof can also cause mold to grow in your house. Regularly check your roof gutters for any damages and clean them. Also, check for any water stains especially after storms. There might be leaves clogging up your roof gutters which may cause even more problems in the long run.

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