5 Awesome Renovation Ideas for Your Bedroom

Bedroom Makeover in PenroseYour bedroom is your safe place. That is a given fact. In fact, almost 1/3 of your life, you spend it in your room resting or, if not, sleeping. So, if you suddenly feel uneasy and uninspired when you’re in your bedroom, something is probably not right. And, perhaps, the only way to bring back the cosy and relaxing feeling in your bedroom is to renovate it.

So, to help you reinvent the look and feel of your room, here are some simple bedroom design tips for you:

Rule #1: Use Patterns Minimally

A room packed with patterns from both your walls and bed is a total eyesore and design boohoo. So, as much as possible avoid following this decorating code. If you have textured wall cladding from NuWall.co.nz, bed, tables, cabinets in neutral to non-patterned design will certainly help make your place more airy and spacious.

Rule #2: Utilise the Space Accordingly

Running out of space in your bedroom? Why not try using smaller pieces of furniture. A good example for this one is stuffing your room with bulky wooden furniture. This is okay as long as they do not cramped up your space, but if they do, it’s about time you replace them with something that looks classier but lesser in size.

Rule #3: Learn How to Play with Shades & Colours

You are more likely to get tired easily with your room when it is in plain colours. Along with that, neutral shades creates an illusion of space which can somewhat make you feel lonely. So, to cheer up the mood in your room, consider adding up some colours and patterns on your bedding, flooring, and curtains. You must remember to avoid overdoing the patterns cause it might become an eyesore later on (Rule #1).

Reinventing you’re slumber space is just a matter of mix and match. So, as long as you know what are the DOs and DON’Ts of interior designing you’ll certainly do a great job in transforming your bedroom. Don’t be afraid to go through trial-and-error process to find out which will work best for you.

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