Above ground tanks

5 Benefits of Using Above Ground Tanks

Whether you need a storage tank for fuel and other petroleum products or you need one for water storage, you need to decide whether the tank will be above or underground. Many people prefer above ground tanks because they come with many benefits, which include the following:

Easy Leak Detection

Compared to an underground tank, an above ground tank can be visually inspected, making it easy to detect any leaks. Corrosion or early signs of damage can be easily spotted and you can fix the problem before any pollution or other serious accidents occur.


Above ground tanks are installed in accessible locations, making them quick to inspect, fix, or replace. Commercial properties that need to replace their tanks with bigger ones for fuel or water storage will find this helpful. Moving businesses or families can also transport the tanks easily. They do not require excavation or backfilling, as they are on the ground.

Easy to Clean

When a leak occurs during fuel storage, the property owner is expected to clean up pollution that has spread to the soil or any water bodies near the property. Failure to detect leaks in underground tanks can make this a very costly affair. However, for a tank located on the ground, leakage is quickly detected.

Cheaper and Easier to Install

Above ground installation does not require any excavation or landscaping. The installation costs are low and the installation process is quick and easy. This advantage also makes it easy to clean above ground water tanks, as all you need to do is wash the tank and tilt it to let the dirty water out.

Lasts Longer

Storage tanks often corrode and need replacement in time. Compared to underground storage tanks, those that are above ground are less susceptible to corrosion because they are not exposed to the soil moisture or acidity that speeds up the corrosion process.

To enjoy the benefits of these tanks, you need to have them installed by a professional. Remember that poor installation is a major cause of leaks in storage tanks.

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