5 Hobbies You Can Take Up During the Quarantine

As schools and big establishments shut down, concerts and sporting events get postponed, and famous tourist spots close their doors, you may be left with unused tickets and itineraries. But do not fret. Here are some hobbies and activities that can save you from boredom as you spend weeks quarantined at home:

Start a garden

More than the promise of fresh produce, gardening gives you therapeutic benefits. It helps reduce anxiety and depression. It also allows you to be one with nature. Check out your local lawn and garden stores for some tools, plants, and seedlings. You can also look up online to see stores that can deliver those things to you even when there are lockdown measures in place. 

Learn a new language

Learning a new language does not only boost your brain functions but also helps advance your career. You may not be open to getting positions abroad right now, but learning a foreign language can help you land a great job in the future. It may sound difficult, but technology has made its way to help us learn easily. There are a lot of mobile language applications like Duolingo that you can download for free. Turn on your notifications, so you can be reminded to do a short activity or take a brief lesson every day.

Start a journal

writing journal

Being locked down inside gives us so much time staring at the abyss with thoughts jumping and thumping in our brains. Maybe you are one of the people who have been vividly dreaming these days. So why don't you write your dreams and thoughts down? Besides getting your thoughts and ideas on paper for future use, journaling can help you have mental clarity and gain a better connection with your emotions, values, and goals. 

Don't stop on mere thoughts and experiences alone. If you are feeling creative, get on with it. Write a poem, experiment with prose, or start that short story that you have been meaning to do. You can publish them on a blog or a personal website, which is fairly easy to build nowadays. Count on user-friendly CMS platforms and tons of tips from various web development firms online.


Having a hard time putting your worries to rest and getting peaceful sleep at night? Relieve stress and anxiety with meditation. It may sound very technical, but it's as simple as finding a quiet space to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Like learning a language, some applications can guide you through your meditation session. These apps can also remind you when you are due to do it just in case you forgot.

Play games

You may think playing games is only for younger people, but you are wrong. Bust out your mobile or laptop and find the perfect game that helps you pass that extra four hours. You can also look for games you can play with your friends and family. Spend your extra time with the people you love.

Apart from canceled plans, some of us are anxious because of the uncertainty this pandemic brings. Hopefully, with these hobbies, we can alleviate that and be better versions of ourselves after the quarantine. Staying home may be difficult, but let's try our best to comply and help flatten the curve and stay healthy.

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