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5 Telltale Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Remodel

The kitchen is one of the busiest spots of the house. Age and constant wear-and-tear can make your kitchen too shabby that cover-ups just won’t work anymore. 

But like any part of your home, you may not consider renovation until telltale signs appear. Here are the top five signs your beloved kitchen is due for a remodel:

The layout is bad

One sign of a bad kitchen layout is when you’re constantly scrambling from one end to another to make simple meals. The kitchen’s arrangement can be crucial to how fast and efficient you can get things done.

A well-functioning kitchen centers around the position of three critical elements: the sink, stove and refrigerator. For your kitchen to flow naturally, form a triangle with these three elements as the vertices. The legs of the triangle should be between 4 feet and 9 feet. The triangle will create a rotational movement between the tasks of cooking (stove), washing (sink) and storing (refrigerator). 

Cramped space and lack of storage

With ever-increasing kitchen gadgets and equipment, you may find yourself short on space. If you discover that you’re storing random kitchen items in other rooms, it’s a sign that there’s not enough room in the kitchen anymore.

When it’s time to remodel, you can ask your contractor to build more shelves and wall cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, you can make use of stackable shelves which will squeeze in the tight spaces. 

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Leaks and mold

Leaks can cause mold to thrive. Under the right conditions, it can grow and spread in a matter of 24 to 48 hours. People allergic to mold may be more sensitive to it than those who aren’t. When allergic people come into contact with mold, they may experience symptoms such as wheezing, a runny or clogged nose, sinusitis, watery or red eyes, sore throat, dry cough or skin rashes.

In addition, a study found that exposure to mold places infants and young children at an increased risk of developing asthma by the age of seven.

Old appliances

Note that many kitchen appliances have a life expectancy. Dishwashers are only expected to last nine years; microwave ovens nine years, refrigerators 13 years, and gas ranges 15 years. 

While older appliances may still work, they can become energy hogs, and in worst cases, become downright dangerous. In the UK, faulty appliances caused almost 12,000 fire incidents in just three years. 

So while it may hurt to let go of that handed-down fridge, for safety reasons, let it go.

Lighting is terrible

Kitchen lighting is essential because it maximizes visibility in the working areas. A well-placed ceiling light helps illuminate countertops for food preparation, while under-cabinet lights assist in darker spots within the kitchen. Often, homeowners overlook lighting, but it can make a kitchen so much more functional and beautiful.

Take a look at your kitchen and see if any of these problems persist. If so, save up money, contact a reputable building company, and get started with your kitchen’s well-deserved makeover. It can be a long process, but in the end, your family will enjoy a beautiful, efficient and healthy kitchen for years to come!

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