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6 Habits That are Ruining Your Washer and Dryer

A common washer and dryer usually last for ten to fifteen years. However, there are some bad laundry habits that may be degrading your washer and dryer faster than you think.

Using a washer and dryer is a pretty straightforward method. Not much can go wrong unless you don’t know how to do laundry properly. But there are some habits that may have you calling a washer repair service in Salt Lake City and other areas unexpectedly, such as:

1. Overloading

Filling your washer and dryer to the brim with laundry may seem like an efficient way to get the chore done, but this habit is ruining both your machine and your clothes. Loading a washer or dryer beyond max capacity makes it work harder to run, and this can cause damage to the machine’s motor. Doing this repeatedly can wear out your washer and dryer much faster than normal. As for the laundry itself, your clothes can get damaged due to the tight fit in the machine.

2. Putting too much detergent

You may think that putting more detergent than necessary in the washer can get your clothes calendar, but it’s actually bad for your machine and clothes. Excess detergent produces too much suds, which can then lead to overflowing. Hence, make sure to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions when putting soap in the washer.

3. Overusing

As with other appliances, using your washer and dryer too much can also lead to its premature deterioration. Thus, if you want your machines to last, keep your loads to eight or less. If your family is composed of two to three people only, you can easily stick to less than two loads of laundry per week. But if you have a bigger family with five people or more, maximize each load (without overloading) to stay below the maximum amount of loads every week.

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4. Not cleaning the lint out

Apart from being a fire hazard, lint can trap heat in the dryer and cause internal damage. That said, make it a habit to clean the lint trap out after each load. Don’t forget to clean out the inside of the dryer as well. Lint can get everywhere from the vents to the areas around the drum.

5. Putting garments that don’t belong in the washer and dryer

There are certain garments that can cause damage to your washer and dryer while getting damaged in turn. Such garments include lingerie, embroidered or sequined clothes, garments with pet hair, foam pillows, and wool, among many others. Check the labels on your clothes or linen before putting them in the washer to make sure that they belong there.

6. Irregular or non-existent maintenance

Even if you follow all of the good laundry habits there are, it’s still crucial to do preventive maintenance on your washer and dryer. With regular maintenance, you can catch any potential issues early on and help your machines last as long as possible. Therefore, call a technician periodically to check on your washer and dryer.

After reading all of these bad laundry habits, you’re probably thinking that doing laundry is more complicated than you think. Although there are many habits that you have to avoid, keeping these things in mind can help keep your washer and dryer in good working condition for many years.

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