9 Unconventional Ideas for the Pool This Halloween

Are you tired of the same old traditional Halloween activities? Are you thinking of new ways to enjoy Halloween this year? Make this Halloween a memorable one by taking your party outside — to the pool, that is.

We have listed down a few ideas that will add fun and fright to your Halloween pool party. Now, if all these get messy, you might want to call your local swimming pool contractors in Utah or Tennessee after the party for some repairs or to do a maintenance check.

Get ready for a spooktacular poolside bash! Here are some decors and games you can try for your home:

1. Trapped Goblins and Bathing Ghosts

Ghosts and goblins trapped in makeshift cages hanging above or around the pool make for a creepy sight. You can find a tutorial for a DIY ghost through online tutorial websites.

2. Bloody Pool

This one is straight out a scary B-movie. Swimming pool dye can transform your pool into a bloody bath. Just make sure you use a non-toxic dye and labeled specifically for swimming pools. For best results, make sure your pool water is clean and clear before pouring the dye in.

3. Glowing Pumpkins

This is a pretty easy one to pull off. All you need are cheap plastic pumpkin buckets and LED lights or glow sticks. Just turn on the LED lights (or break the glow sticks, depending on which one you’ll use) and just match each of them with a pumpkin of the same color. Throw them all into the pool and watch them float around giving your pool an eerie look.

4. Coffin Bar

This is a great way of serving food and drinks. Get a coffin design pool float and fill it up with your treats to your guests’ delight. You may also make a few smaller DIY coffins in different sizes.

5. Glowing Hands

You will need several pairs of rubber gloves and some glow sticks. Break the glow sticks and place them inside the gloves and inflate them. After inflating them, tie them up and throw them into the pool to make it appear like goblins are trying to break free it.


6. Mist and Fog

Nothing says creepy like a foggy, misty water surface. All you need is some dry ice to make this work. Place the dry ice in the water. The reaction will cause the water to bubble and create a spooky for made of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Exercise caution when handling dry ice as it burns the skin. Use safety gloves and tongs when handling it.

7. The Invisible Bottle

Fill up a clear water bottle with pool water and seal it. Throw it into the pool and let your guests try and find it. It is much harder than it sounds!

8. Treasure Hunt at the Bottom of the Sea

Grab some old rusty coins and throw scatter them all throughout the entire pool. Have two teams of players dive into the pool to collect as many coins as they can.

9. Pumpkin-Push Relay

You will need two teams and two pumpkins to play this game. The rules to the classic relay game apply here with one catch: players get to use their noses only to push the pumpkins. To make the game slightly more challenging, apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the pumpkins before tossing them into the pool.

Celebrating Halloween does not always need to be done the usual way. (Pumpkin) spice things up to make it more fun for your family and guests. Whoever said you can only have fun pool parties during the summer? Happy Halloween!


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