A Guide to Fangirling: Getting Your Virtual Boyfriend to Notice You

A concertYou go crazy when his music video pops up on the TV screen. You clutch at the nearest person for dear life every time you hear his song on the radio. Your family and friends think your obsession is ridiculous, but you would not want your life any other way.

When, one day, he finally holds his concert in your country. You are beaming with excitement when you held the ticket you bought from, let’s say, The Ticket Merchant. Now is the time to come up with Plan A to C for him to notice you.

Plan A. Dress in an outrageous costume

The secret is to always stand out from the crowd. You know you will do anything for him, so try to think of an outfit that the other fans would not think of. Dress up in a wedding gown, his favourite food or you can even dress like him. Your creativity is your limit. After all, you know practically everything about him; use that to your advantage.

Plan B. Carry a noticeable banne

Think of a witty statement, a creative drawing or his name in huge bold writing. MTV shared some tips on how you can stand out from the crowd with the help of your banner. To be more noticeable, install battery-powered led lights that will be a perfect distraction during his performances.

Plan C. If all else fails, scream loudly when it is silent

You have to time this one out because you will be filled with so much emotion that you cannot think clearly. It is pretty easy and is a sure win if you do it right. For instance, during his introductions to a certain performance, shout “I love you” loudly and he will surely scream it back.

You will go through a lot of preparation before the concert, but it will be worth it. It does not even matter if all your plans fail because you will never forget the feelings you get during the concert.

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