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A Stress-free Guide to Enjoying the Weekend with the Family

Many people struggle to create a great weekend routine. You know how it is. We spend so much time working and socializing on weekdays that when it’s finally the weekend, we’re inundated with household chores and personal errands. What happened to weekends should be relaxing and should be spent at home with the kids? Why do we always find ourselves grasping for more time when the weekends are supposed to be our time to relax?

Train Yourself to Relax

You have to practice not to think about stressful things during the weekends. Make sure you’ve paid the bills and the credit union before the weekend if the due date will fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Once you’ve done that, you can relax more during the weekend. The problem with most people is that they don’t allow themselves to rest. For them, it feels like they’re wasting time when they should be doing something productive. The weekend is for rest. Allow yourself that, at the very least.

Spend Time with the Family

Think of activities you can do as a family. You can go to the park for a picnic. You can dine out. You can organize things around the house. You can simply play board games or watch your favorite flicks. There are a lot of things your kids want to do with you. Ask them what they want to do this weekend. They’ll probably give you a list of the activities they want to share with you.

Make it a point to meet with people you love spending time with during the weekend. Whether it’s your family or your friends, spend at least one meal with them. Plan these meetups ahead. Although last-minute get-togethers are also great, these might not always be possible.

Avoid Work at All Costs

Unless it’s really an emergency at work, make it a rule not to check work emails and the like on weekends. Avoid social media, too, if you can. The point of weekends is not to stress yourself, but both work emails and social media can be stressful and anxious-inducing. You’ll never fully enjoy your weekends if you’re tied to your laptop or smartphone. The weekend is the perfect time to disconnect.

While minimizing technology is difficult, try it one weekend at a time at first. Train yourself not to reach out for your phone when you wake up on Saturdays and Sundays. Have a healthy breakfast first before checking those missed emails, calls, and text messages (unless, of course, you're waiting for something important). You'll find your weekends and mornings more relaxing this way.


running on the treadmill

Sure, you’re running on the treadmill at least three times during the weekday. However, you’re rushing to finish your routine and not fully enjoying exercising. The weekend is for that. You can try out a variety of workouts that will benefit you physically and mentally. During the weekends, go for a long hike, run in the park, play a sport, or join a dance or spin class. Use this extra time to take care of your health.

Spend Time Outdoors

It doesn’t make sense for you to spend your weekends indoors. You do that during the weekdays. You spend eight to nine hours in the office and spend the rest at home. Make sure to get some sun during the weekends. Go to the park. Walk around your block. This is the perfect time to be one with nature. Enjoy the nice weather outside. You’ll find that this has such a rejuvenating effect on your soul. Some people are even happier when they spend time outdoors.

Enjoy a Good Meal

During weekdays, you’re always grabbing the first easy meal you can get your hands on. Your tastiest meal is that big burger you got from Burger King, but you know that’s unhealthy, too. The weekend is a time for you to whip up something for yourself. Or, if you hate the idea of preparing your own meals, treat yourself to a fancy restaurant.

Most of the time, meals can be rushed on weekdays. Slow down and savor a great dinner during the weekends. This is the best time for that. You won’t feel so guilty spending more time than you should on a meal. Grab a couple of cocktails with friends, too. The weekends are for relaxing conversations over your favorite margarita.

Spend the weekends doing something you love. Whether it’s exercising, cooking meals, or spending time with your family and friends, weekends should be about fun. A great weekend with friends and family will make you more productive during the coming week.

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