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AC Units: Myths vs. Truths

AC unitYour office air conditioning unit keeps the environment comfortable and conducive to productivity. It also keeps some equipment in good, working condition.

Even if there are many information available about proper use and maintenance of AC units, there are many myths regarding the matter. Make sure that you are properly using and maintaining your unit by knowing the facts.

1. Myth: It’s unnecessary to replace air filters regularly.

Truth: It’s important to change air filters regularly primarily because they collect dirt and dust. If they become clogged, the airflow will not be normal and you will not enjoy the cool air. In some cases, the filter pollutes the air and negatively affects the health of your employees. But don’t do it yourself. Many Virginia businesses, for example, hire the services of heating and cooling Hampton Roads HVAC companies. The professionals can offer advice on how often the filters must be replaced.

2. Myth: It’s fine to set up the thermostat anywhere in the office.

Truth: Thermostats must be installed in a strategic area. They detect the temperature of the nearest location they are in so make sure that the thermostats are installed in an area that has an average temperature. If the unit is placed near heat sources, such as equipment and appliances, it may give off too much cold air that will make the employees uncomfortable and unproductive. This may also increase your bills. Ask an HVAC professional where to install the units.

3. Myth: Setting the thermostat down below will make the cooling faster.

Truth: Regardless of how low you set the thermostat, the AC unit will supply cool air at the same pace. The thermostat is just a control unit that tells the unit about the temperature that needs to be regulated. Set it to the desired temperature and let the system do its job.

Know the truth about proper use and maintenance of the AC units. Schedule a regular inspection with HVAC professionals to ensure the efficiency of the system.

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