Pregnant Belly With Bow

Acupuncture and Pregnancy: What to Expect

The first trimester caPregnant Belly With Bown be very difficult for some pregnant women. While most feel thrilled carrying a baby, the sessions of vomiting and being sick all the time can really get to them. There is a belief that women who suffer from severe nausea have a lower rate of miscarriage. This matters little to women who spend most of their time throwing up in the washroom.

Doctors advise against taking medications to suppress these, as it could have a detrimental effect to the forming baby. This is why some expectant mothers turn to other modes of treatment, such as acupuncture.

This is how it works.

Some doctors consider a couple of anti-nausea medication safe during pregnancy, but most couples prefer not to risk them as there were no clinical trials run on pregnant women. Acupuncture for morning sickness alleviation is a safe alternative. This mode of healing, combined with some herbs, is a godsend for many pregnant women suffering from nausea.

How Does It Work?

This is an age-old method of healing with long and ancient history. Most enthusiasts consider them safe and effective, but only if done by qualified acupuncturists, advises Fertile Concepts.

The treatment involves insertion of fine, sterile needles; these are also disposable, to prevent contamination. The therapist pricks specific points in the body and adjusts the flow of energy, the life force or chi, according to traditional Chinese medicine. With this, acupuncturists help the body to correct its flow, and remove obstructions, thereby curing problems.

Get Professional Treatment

It is most effective when an expert does it, although some self-help devices and bands are available in the market today. A full treatment is advisable for pregnant women so that the effect is long-term and safe.

Doctors do not advise against acupuncture, but neither do they recommend it. Instead, they recommend eating bland food or a number of small meals. They also warn against some spells, so certain odours trigger the sickness then try to identify and avoid them.

No matter the treatment you sign up for, do not take any medication or treatment without consulting your attendant gynaecologist. This is the sacred rule for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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