Advances in Technology for the Plumbing Service Industry

Plumbing Service IndustryAlthough people may not relate plumbers with technology, the modern certified plumber should be aware of how using it could make their job easier. From providing customers with better products and services to running fleets more efficiently, modern technology is helping the plumbing industry evolve.

Technology Focused on Green Living

The phrase “going green” transformed from a simple fad to something deep-seated in today’s world. A report by Hardware Retailing revealed that 47 percent of vendors selling plumbing products mentioned that they encountered customers enthusiastically looking for green products for their plumbing systems. Modern plumbers may add these green products in their service offerings to increase customer satisfaction and help their business grow.

Technology to Enhance Customer Comfort and Health

Aside from conserving water, customers are searching for plumbing technology that allows them to stay healthier and more comfortable at home. A good example is “touchless” faucets and toilets. Customers appreciate closing the lid, flushing the toilet and washing their hands without the need to touch germ-infested surfaces.

The demand for water filtration systems increases as consumers learn more about the consequences of drinking tap water. Given how customers desire immediate access to safe, drinking water, one option that is becoming more popular in the modern home is the reverse osmosis filtration system.

Technology to Modernise the Fleet

Efficient vehicle management systems allow plumbing businesses to bring their services to clients faster. For instance, the installation of GPS fleet tracking technology enables companies to improve customer service by ensuring that plumbers arrive on schedule to their service calls. According to Software Advice, a service helping plumbers in looking for ideal field service software, this technology is crucial as 67 percent of customers will refuse to do business with a company if they dispatch a technician an hour late.

From enhancing customer service to making a plumber’s job easier, technology has transformed and will continue to transform the face of the plumbing industry. If you want your plumbing business to stay relevant, make sure to keep up with the changes.

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