After The Love Has Gone: Why Do Marriages Fall Apart?

Marriage Falling in the United StatesWhen does a relationship end? The foundation of a stable marriage is the strength of the relationship between two people.

LifeCraft Counseling LLC notes that the current marriage climate in the United States is increasingly alarming because more and more couples are cheating on each other, experiencing a falling out, and resenting each other.

It’s not just the ordinary people who are going through such a mess, but celebrities, too – and celebrity divorces are far from uncommon. So, why exactly are marriages falling apart?

When one of you starts resenting the other

When the mere thought of them or their presence shakes you to your core in a negative way, then there’s something definitely wrong. You might think that this is kind of extreme, but it does happen and it’s not uncommon. When you start to resent your spouse that just looking at them makes you less enthusiastic, then take this as a sign that there’s something wrong in your relationship.

When you have become selfish

Relationships, in general, isn’t just about one person’s wants and needs. It takes two to tango and when it comes to a point where you only care about yourself and not your spouse, then your marriage is definitely falling apart. Remember, you’re not in this relationship alone.

When you try too to make it seem like the ideal marriage

Not all marriages are happy, as they can get rocky at times. If you keep chasing a fairytale marriage, you’ll only end up being unhappy because you’re going to keep expecting things to be perfect.

Your bond with your spouse entails growing up and learning to better people, not being elated all the time.

When all you feel for them is indifference

If you start feeling like not going through all the trouble of doing something for them, then it’s time for you to address this with your spouse. This also goes for the time you start not caring about how they feel or what they’re doing.

Marriage is about committing to your spouse no matter how you feel. Romantic feelings may fade, but that sense of togetherness and that bond that brought you together doesn’t have to.

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