Alternative Income: Ways to Earn When Your Regular Job Isn’t Enough

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or someone who’s already considered to be a breadwinner of the family, there’s no denying that you need to earn enough to provide the needs of the household. Nowadays, you need every way that you can think of. Sometimes, keeping one job isn’t going to cut it. You need an alternative way of earning that extra cash. Here are a few suggestions:

Transportation and Driver Jobs

Transportation is part of almost everyone’s daily life. Without it, our world won’t work as we know it and people would have a hard time going from home to work, and vice versa. Transportation services such as Grab or Lyft are some of the fast-growing and convenient kinds for passengers looking for a ride without the need to go out of their way to do so. You don’t own a car yet, you say? Thankfully, you can take advantage of car rental for Uber and GrabCar. That way, you can earn extra cash while you yourself use that rental to go around or go to your day job. You can even maximise it by offering to carpool your co-workers, friends, and family as long as it’s not too out of the way.

Online Tutoring

Education is in constant demand, even for those people who don’t necessarily go to school. Online tutoring, for example, has become a hit for people who’d like to learn a new language or children who are home-schooled. The best part of this is that you can earn an online degree and training, which are also convenient in its own way. You also have time on your hands from not needing to travel, which means you can schedule your job whenever you’re free.


delivery guyJust like transportation, you can also make delivery a side job. This is not something that will hold you back from your regular day job, however. Grab also has a service dedicated to the delivery of goods or food and, again, you manage your own time. Delivery is also in demand as many people today utilize online shopping or food delivery services. With the advent of technology at our fingertips, everything is made easier and it’s actually a good idea to ride with this socio-economic boom. Also, you can do this through the use of a motorcycle as long as it complies with certain regulations.

Blogging and Writing

One of the best means of getting extra income you can do nowadays is blogging, or even the trend as of late which is “vlogging” or video blogging. The possibilities of this endeavour are endless; with niches running from visiting well-known tourist spots to sampling restaurants to even streaming games. Creating your own blog is pretty simple if you think about it. As long as you have a social media account, you can share your videos and build a following with interesting topics. Be creative with your vlogs as many people are getting into this trend, even celebrities. Many recognise just how much it can potentially make you.

Humans are naturally inventive, and it’s no secret that we apply this creativity in our goal to make money. Of course, don’t forget to consider saving up and investing so the money that you make goes to starting your own business or for your retirement. Just keep grinding and be wise with your funds, and soon you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your labour.

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