Anti-Reflective Coatings

Anti-Reflective Coatings and the Protection They Offer

Anti-Reflective CoatingsTechnological advances and novelties in the world of architecture have made all sorts of innovations possible. Applications such as anti-reflection glass coatings for outer glass facades and windows are no in wide use across the globe.

This technology has aided designers in the manipulation of what was previously just basic hard material into dazzling effects. This is evident in many construction projects throughout the world.

A Wide Range Available

Depending on the usage, Optical Coatings says these materials are available in varying levels of strength, thermal qualities, and aesthetic appearance. There are colored and stained glasses used to display images and designs in churches. You also have chemically strengthened, self-cleaning, and toughened glass used for various purposes. There are solar and coated ones, too, which come with many advantages.

Some Benefits of Coated Varieties

These coated materials make the glass reflect the sunlight away from it. The glass does not absorb the light or the heat; instead it reflects it back into the atmosphere. The result is that the interiors do not get too much glare, but there is enough light streaming in that it is comfortable. This protects the interiors such as curtains, upholstery, carpets, and other equipment from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

An added advantage is that the material has many layers and is very sturdy. There is also considerable noise reduction and the interiors are totally cut off from the traffic outside.

Saves Energy

Since the material does not allow the heat to pass through, the interiors do not get heated too much despite large windows and ventilators. The coated material effectively prevents the transfer of heat through radiation. In fact, using the right material makes it so that it is not too hot inside. This helps greatly in saving energy bills, as neither the air conditioner nor the heater needs to work harder to keep the internal temperature at comfortable levels.

Glass with anti-reflective coatings come with several desired properties and also lend beauty to architecture today. The museums, airport terminals, hotels, large commercial and residential structures have all benefited from the extensive use of this material.

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