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Apartment Family Living: Motherly Secrets to Making It Feel Like Home

Home is where your heart is. Oft-times when your family is living in an apartment, you may feel you’re far away from home. For many American families, apartments are a temporary situation. Everyone wants to own a house to call home. It’s anybody’s dream, right? But while that may be the case for you as a mother, it doesn’t mean you should not strive to make your apartment feel like home. Certainly, making it one has its own perks. After all, home is not just a place but it’s the experience.

Well, don’t put apartments down just yet. About 39 million Americans call apartments home today. That’s about 1 in every 8 Americans. And that number is rising. By the year 2030, an additional 4.6 apartment spaces are needed to meet the rising demand.

Now, if you’re mulling over making a home out of your apartment, don’t. It’s high time you boost the quality of your everyday life. Think about it; every time you and your family go back to your apartment you need to recharge. Might as well make it good. Luckily, that isn’t such an uphill climb. Unlocking a home’s secrets should go a long way in making it all happen for everyone in the family.

Function First and Foremost

Well, the debate which is more important between aesthetics and function may still be going on even up to today. People might find catering to beauty as more important than putting function first. But there should not be any debate on how to proceed in making your apartment home.

That endeavor should start with function. The quality of time spent separates a room from a home. When you really dwell in a room, then it becomes a home.

Thus, if you really want to think of your apartment as the place where you live and not just a room you can get some sleep, then you should design each environment around its utility. For one, factor DIYs to your kitchen that makes it a great place to hang out and cook. As for your bedroom, make it more relaxing and cozy. And how about your living room? You can make design it to be like a wound rubber waiting for you to unwind all the fun and excitement in time.

As for your apartment community’s front lawn, you can also work to make it a better place to socialize and gather. For starters, you can ask the apartment supervisor to factor in beautiful gardens and stunning walks.

If that is a tall order, getting expert lawn and landscape professionals should be wise. They can get the beautification done in a cinch. Not only will you be able to improve your apartment home experience for your family but you also ensure all your apartment neighbors live better. And better your apartment community.

Matching Color and Light Effects

Another secret to creating a home in your apartment is via lighting and color effects. Know it’s the fastest upgrade you can do. For starters, check with your supervisor if you’re allowed to paint the walls. Take a look at your lease contract if you have one. There’s no better way to create a personal look in a room than with fresh paint.

If new paint is out of the question, you can explore wallpaper. Again, ask building management first before you stick the designs on the wall. Additionally, you can improvise and think of alternative decors to factor a personal touch into your living space.

As much as possible, design your room so you can have as much natural lighting and fresh air. Not only will these natural resources energize you, but they will also bring about positive results to your living space. For one, natural light will give you tons of vitamin D that’s good for the bone and helps fight heart disease. Even better, natural light minimizes the health risk of using fluorescent lighting.

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Bring Life

Taking time to improve your place no matter how limited can go a long way in making your apartment feel like home. A good way to get this done is by bringing indoor plants to your living space. By doing so, you up the aesthetics of your precious space. What’s more, you boost the quality of the air inside. Indoor plants, after all, are amazing in boosting the quality of your air, a term dubbed as IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Additionally, you can bring in a pet dog or a pet cat. Nothing brings zest to family living than caring for a puppy. When you do, all the laughter and fun from your kids will tell you you’re home. Like everyone in the family.

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