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Are Women More Hands-On in Household Management?

They say cleanliness is key to staying healthy and that it reflects on someone’s personality and reputation. We all want everything clean, but it seems being a neat freak has multiple levels. Some of us are just average, while others are incredibly obsessed with cleanliness.

Is it true that women are more obsessed with cleanliness and are more hands-on when it comes to keeping their homes clean? Are women more concerned about the condition of their house than men? Read on and find out.

Women Don’t Want a Messy House

If you have a neat freak mother or wife, then you know how particular they are when it comes to the cleanliness and orderliness of the house. They are always on the lookout for dusty windows and dirty floors, as well as a messy kitchen and bathroom. While men also want a clean and organized house, women tend to be more meticulous, perhaps because they expect everything inside the house to be clean.

Most of the time, it’s the mother who always nags about keeping the house clean. Some fathers just nod in agreement or repeat what their wives said, but with more authority. Most of the time, it’s the mothers who initiate a general cleaning activity at home, especially if they are housekeepers or work from home moms. To be fair, husbands are very supportive. They help with the jobs that require lifting heavy objects or climbing.

Gender Roles Make Most Women More Concerned About Cost of Living and Utility Costs

Gender roles made way for many stereotypes or standards, one of which is that women should take care of the house. While this is the norm several decades ago, when wives were usually left to clean the house and take care of the kids, things have changed.

Now that more couples are both working and gender equality is being pushed or promoted, both parties assume the responsibility of keeping the household clean and organized. Families schedule regular cleaning as their way to bond while maintaining their homes. Those who are busy or have the budget prefer hiring professional cleaners. Because women are always monitoring the utility costs, some couples decide to install solar panels, like the ones in other residential and commercial properties.

It’s Their ‘Instinct’

Female doing laundry

If you ask women why they like to clean and why they are easily agitated by a messy room or house, their answer would likely be, “I just don’t like a messy place.” It seems like cleanliness is their twin. It’s something that many women can’t even explain. It looks like it’s their second nature to tidy things up, rearrange something, or put things back to their original place. Being a neat freak is a thing, and it’s more apparent at home.

Indeed, women always want things to be clean and organized, but more men are also becoming more particular about cleanliness. The most important thing is that couples should assume equal responsibilities when it comes to keeping the house clean.

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