Asian Food

Australia’s Asian Food Cravings

Asian FoodKnowing how tourists would still insist on getting the fusion version of their favourite dishes (and the fact that Australia is a melting pot of all cultures and nationalities), it is not surprising that there would be a prolific increase in foreign restaurants and fusion cuisine in Aussie cities. You can even expect to find the best Chinese in Brisbane—and it can also apply to people and not just the dishes.

Asian Restaurants

One would automatically think that restaurants – Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and other Asian foodstuff – would aim for authenticity. With fusion cuisine, there are Australian palates that are not overwhelmed by the different spices and flavours between the continents. Some of the more well-known Asian restaurants in major Australian cities reach the taste buds of people from different places.

As says, the best Chinese restaurants in Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney gather much attention. Food enthusiasts and travel sites give these restaurants high ratings and testimonials, which make them more impressive.

Asian Pubs and Bars

Other than dining, beers, wines and Asian-inspired cocktails are also the new trend. The Japanese sake (rice wine), the Korean soju (pilsen beer), and the Philippine lambanog (coconut arrack) are some popular examples that have made their way into the local cuisine. Of course, Australian pubs have their own take of these drinks, so you have a number of choices to match with your favourite dish.

There are many choices for Asian food lovers in Australia, even those who aren’t familiar with the local culinary creations. Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are among the cities with the finest Asian food on the planet. Immigrants from East and Southeast Asia have formed a major demographic in the country for more than a century, and there’s more to come in the following generations.

What else could an Asian foodie ask for?

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