Australia’s Sustainability Plan Involves Sentient Roofing

Green roofingMany new firsts in Australia continue to surprise the world from open real estate economy to the preferred migration of international headquarters such as David Jones and Babcock International Group to the country’s central business districts.

But, if you think that’s already splendid news for the Aussies, you’ve not heard this.

According to Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, there is also the matter of green roofing. With the Government’s goal of reducing pollution, organic roofs act as a perfect shield to counter not only leaking damage but also greenhouse effects.

 An Organic Yet Sturdy Component

Apart from expected advantages, green roof also extends the lifespan of the existing roof. Thanks to its versatility, it helps minimise leaking problems no matter the roofing type. Since the organic roof is plant-based, they’re effective in sound proofing and insulation too.

The Greenest Product for Any Weatherproofing Requirement

According to Architecture and Design, green roof resembles the sustainable sod roofs used by the Vikings. Compared to conventional roofing, ‘[they] reduce the heating and cooling requirements and slow stormwater runoff, alleviate the urban heat island effects, capture gaseous and particulate pollutants and improve air quality’. The latest version of green roofs equip homes and commercial structures with protection against acclimating weather conditions.

Elements of Design and Construction

Mainly, the construction of green roof depends on two factors:

1. Weight capacity of the existing roofing material

2. Appropriateness of the green roofing in the area of application

For structures that require extensive and long-term green roofing solution, they need to have a solid capacity to accommodate the weight of the soil and the accumulated water. But, in exchange for the extra work in enforcing better foundations, green roofing will undoubtedly last longer and fare better against external deterrent conditions.

Green roofs not only beautify a property, but it also increases the sustainability value of a design — which is what everybody needs right now.

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