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Auto Accident: What to Do If You Get Injured Because of an Uber Vehicle

Just like in any other auto accident claim, you need to prove two essential things to receive compensation from an auto accident involving an Uber driver. The first one is the liability or who’s at fault for the auto accident. The second one is the damages or the severity of the injury.

In the event that you get injured while riding an Uber vehicle or get hit by one, you need to prove the driver’s liability so you can claim compensation. Your claim would then name the driver as the defendant and it would move forward like any other auto accident case.

Insurance Coverage for Uber Drivers

All Uber drivers are required to have personal auto insurance that meets or exceeds minimum state liability coverage requirements, even if it probably won’t be sufficient to provide coverage while driving for Uber. A top auto accident attorney in Los Angeles with experience in Uber claims agrees to it.

However, a majority of non-commercial or personal auto insurance plans exclude coverage for driver-for-hire policyholders. Fortunately, Uber provides their drivers with liability coverage, but the coverage differ depending on the exact time the accident took place.

– Uber doesn’t provide coverage if the driver isn’t logged in to their app;

– Uber provides coverage for drivers who are logged into their app but hasn’t accepted a pick-up request. Coverage includes up to $50,000 for every injured person, up to $25,000 liability for property damage, and up to $100,000 liability for injury per accident; and

– Uber provides coverage of up to $1,000,000 once the driver has accepted a ride request

Next Steps After an Uber Auto Accident

After checking for injuries and ensuring that you’re fine to walk around, call an ambulance to check the people involved in the accident. Call the local police to ensure that you get an accurate police report. Next, get all the names, insurance information, and contact details of the people involved. Look for witnesses and get their testimonies and contact details as well. Before leaving the accident scene, take clear photos and videos of everything relevant to the accident.

While Uber is one of the most well-established and trusted ridesharing apps out there, courts are still working on some of the legal issues related to their services. If you get injured because of an Uber vehicle, work with an experienced auto accident attorney to ensure that you get the right compensation for your injuries and damages.

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