Background Checks: Checking Out the Best Practices You Can Follow

Background CheckBefore hiring a new employee, it is important to conduct a rigorous background check to know whether they are capable of performing the job at hand. Some job seekers, in order to get a job, resort to untruthful statements and exaggeration to meet the standards of the employers. According to a 2014 Career Build Survey, 58% of hiring managers have caught a lie in resumes.

To avoid future headaches on troublesome employees, here are the four best practices for employment background checks:

Online Background Check

Before conducting a background check, be aware of the state’s law against discrimination in employment. Conduct a background check after the first interview. The Internet allows any employer to access online service to look for national police history and check criminal records. Fast Police Checks suggests considering the criminal records of an applicant only if it will be a hindrance for the job. It’s best not to discriminate since people change.

Social Media Third Party Mitigator

To lessen the violations of the law, most hiring managers use a third party to conduct the social media screening. The social media behavior of their applicants may often mirror their ability to work in certain environments and may contain history that could have contributed to a positive or negative outcome if ever they were employed.

Contacting Past Universities and Employers

The applicant’s history with their university and employers can give hiring managers a general idea of how they are in their general surroundings. In conducting this, the hiring managers should ask first for consent from the applicant to avoid complications.

Conducting the Reference Interview

A professional interview with the reference could give employers first-hand knowledge of the history of the applicant. It could explain the inconsistencies in the resume and employment history and pinpoint several faults and strengths of the applicant.

Employers should consider the tips above to make certain that they are hiring the best person to fill in the available position in their company.

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