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Bail or Jail: Reasons Why People Don’t Want to Wait for Arraignment

Facing an arrest is always an unpleasant experience. Other than the thought of being locked up in jail, there are many other reasons why people don’t want to wait for arraignment. Here are some of them:

bail bonds

  1. Family – Everyone in the family will worry if they hear that a loved one is in jail. To give them peace of mind, many people would rather get bail bonds in Cedar City or their local area in Utah to do away with the agony of being away.
  2. Work – Employment is among the leading reasons why people want to get out of jail fast. They don’t want to miss work because of various duties and responsibilities to fulfill. Absence and missing work can also be cause for employment troubles.
  3. Travel – Sometimes defendants are those who aren’t residents of the locality they’re arrested in and have to head back home. In cases like this, defendants often file for a change of venue or hire a lawyer to deal with their case.

These are only some of the reasons why many people look for bail bonds in Cedar City or anywhere in the state. They have matters to attend to, which may not give them the time to wait for arraignment.


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