Beach Party

Beach Party No-nos You have to Avoid and Why

Beach PartyEverybody likes to party, and some just a bit too much. Let’s not even deny it. The heart-thumping bass drops and dance-inducing beats are enough to make us want to party even more.

While it is the perfect time to let loose and go crazy, keep in mind that you still have a face to show at work, school or wherever, and therefore have to act responsibly and appropriately. Yes, even in the most epic of parties like a beach party.

Here are the biggest no-nos you should avoid during beach parties and why you should do so.

Get Wasted

Thanks to the Hangover movies, this sounds like a great idea for an epic night out with friends. You’re probably forgetting a lot of things like you’re not friends with Bradley Cooper or Zach Galafianakis, nor is your night out directed and produced or funded by Hollywood.

Here is why getting completely wasted on a party as legendary as the Siloso Beach Party isn’t a great idea: You’ll be missing out on all the fun.

If alcohol heavily intoxicates you, then you will not be able to fully enjoy the whole experience of the beach party, if you’re the a sleepy kind of drunk, then you’ll probably end up asleep on the shore. You don’t want that.

Trust so Easily

It is one thing to party in a closed space and another in an open area. Undeniably, partying with new faces, and attractive ones at that, can be exciting.

Given the environment and circumstances, it is highly likely for your judgment to be clouded and swayed easily in the presence of a cutie. Don’t let your eyes run your decision-making faculties.

It pays to be cautious and keep an eye out for yourself. Though you see the good in people, you can never be sure. So think twice before you smize at that hottie keeping eye contact with you for the last hour.

Go Home Early

The night is still young, always. The most appropriate time to leave a party is 3-4ish in the morning, because then everybody who’s still there are the ones who are making the most of the night. Something you should also be doing—getting your money’s worth.

Keeping the no-nos in your head should let the must-dos rule. Exercise your right to party without being irresponsible.

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