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Beautify Your Landscape: Trees for Small Garden

Even if you have limited garden space, you can still make room for a beautiful tree. You just need to choose a type that is right for your surroundings, with relation to proportion and decorative value. Garden design experts at Oakleigh Manor recommends a few trees that can work best for small spaces.

beautiful garden

Tibetan Cherry

It is an ideal tree for a small garden where ornamental quality is required. The tree forms a round shape with dark green leaves that turn to red or yellow in autumn. Its main feature is its bark, which is in dark mahogany or glossy coppery-red colour. The flowers are small and bear small fruits in autumn. The plant grows well in sunny spots with deep loamy soils.

Crab Apple Tree

This tree bears flowers in different colours, such white, red, and pink. It is the best tree for you if your garden has a room for a single tree. The tree likes sun or partial shade and a well-drained and moist soil. As there plenty of crab apple tree varieties, it is best to consult a garden designer to know which one works best in your space.

Joseph Rock

This tree produces pinnate leaves that turn red, purple, or orange in autumn with butter-yellow berries. It makes a good choice as a feature tree in small garden or an addition to the border on larger planting schemes. It offers the typical open nature of a rowan tree with shade in summer months. The tree prefers sunny location in a fertile soil.

Cherry Amanogawa

This is a small, narrow tree with slightly fragrant, and pale pink flowers in late spring. Some varieties produce an edible fruit in autumn while some have ornamental bark. The tree grows well in full sun with well-drained or moist soil.

These well-behaved trees will not take a large space or take over your yard or your neighbours’. Contact reliable garden design experts or visit the Royal Horticultural Society to learn more about the variety of trees for small spaces.

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