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Becoming a Lady Boss: Is Mompreneurship for You?

Back in the day, women who had careers or businesses were frowned upon. As childcare was seen as a responsibility of the mother, many women had to let go of their dreams in order to raise a family. Yet, times have now changed. The modern-day working woman can also be a mother.

There are also women who take over the field of business. Called mompreneurs, these are women who succeed both at home and in their business. They are empowered individuals who pursue their passion for work while blending their tasks as mothers.

Being a mother can be challenging. It can be hard to start a business while taking care of the kids. But being a mompreneur works for many families. Yet, the setup is not for everyone. Whether you are thinking of starting a trendy smoothie bar franchise, a creative pursuit, or a different business, here are the pros and cons of being a mompreneur.

You get to be your own boss.

When you have your own business, you are the one calling the shots. You can work on your own terms. Being a mompreneur means that you can work around your schedule without anyone going against you. A business gives you more freedom to balance your time for play and work.

A business provides better job security.

Many mompreneurs take on several projects at a time in order to sustain their finances. Since they are not tied to a 9-to-5 job, businesses and freelance opportunities offer more flexibility. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken a lot of big companies, having a business offers better financial and career security. Because you own your business, your role in your “job” is permanent.

You can fulfill your dreams and your passions.

Being a mother should not stop you from doing the things that you love. When you become your own boss, you have control over your dreams. While building a business is never easy, it can give you the opportunity to feel fulfilled at work.

Launching or operating your own business can be your own passion project. The whole process can teach you a lot of things about the industry and about life. Instead of stressing over tasks that you dislike in a full-time job, you are working towards your goals. Running your own business fuels your personal growth.

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You get to control your finances better.

Quitting your office job to spend more time with your family while running your business offers money-saving benefits. You can save on gas and commutes. You do not need to buy more clothes for dress-up meetings. You can even skip those expensive lunches to impress clients.

You can work from home as a start. Not all businesses require a physical establishment setup in the beginning. You can even save money because you won’t need to hire a babysitter from time to time or spend money on daycare since your children are with you.

You can spend quality time with your family.

Running a business can be time-consuming. But the difference between a full-time job and running your own business is that you are able to leave your work in the middle of the day to attend to your parental duties. By being your own boss, you don’t have to file for leave when your child has a performance or a quiz bee. You can eat meals and spend fun times together.

You can afford to be more present with your family with a business. You need not worry about a supervisor calling you in the middle of the day to check where you are. You can even spend longer vacations knowing that you can work from anywhere.

Some cons of running your own business

While running your own business can be great, nothing is ever perfect. As it is, building a business can be challenging. It is important to know the cons of being a mompreneur so you can make a better decision, and be committed should you say yes to the call.

  • You’ll need to balance your time. Becoming your own boss means you can work even in the comfort of your home. However, you need to balance your time between work and family life, as it can take a toll on your health as well. Many mompreneurs work until the wee hours just to fulfill their mom and boss duties. Hence, it is important to set up a schedule or to work on a routine so you can meet the demands of your work and your family life.
  • Your income can fluctuate. A good thing about working on a salary is a stable source of income. While it can be costly to spend money on clothes, meals, and transportations as an office worker, it is easier to budget your finances when you have a stable amount coming in regularly. Having a business means there are good days and bad days. You have to work around your income to make sure that you have enough to spend for your monthly dues and other expenses.

Being a mompreneur is not for everyone. While it offers a lot of benefits, it can also be challenging. However, the opportunity allows for moms to spend more time with their children while fulfilling a project that they have full ownership of.

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