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Becoming Your Own Health Coach: A Guide for Beginners

Quarantine protocols are easing up in some countries to revive the economy. Part of the plan is allowing the resumption of operations of essential sectors to keep goods and services flowing. Among those included are agriculture, banks, restaurants, and service providers, such as telecommunications and local electrical contractors.

Despite the implementation of relaxed measures, large mass gatherings are still prohibited, affecting most of the activities under the entertainment and fitness industry. Included in the list is the gym. Several people are expressing their growing frustrations online as they cannot maximize their gym membership to access equipment and other fitness classes, and train with their coaches. But Time Magazine claimed that “it’s logical to think that more people who touch shared objects, the higher the risk that someone could leave behind a virus.”

Moreover, even without a gym, individuals can still begin improving their lifestyle at home. They can be their own health coach for free with the following tips:

  1. Learn your body type

With one click on the internet, you can be provided with numerous types of workouts to follow. But, it’s not as simple as following the first video that pops up about developing abs or toning arm muscles. To be one’s own health coach, learning the body type is the first step.

One’s body type can be determined based on the overall distribution of fat. Fat is distributed differently for every person, and the most common area of fat accumulation is in the belly. According to Penn Medicine, abdominal obesity is “the most dangerous of all because larger waists can mean higher risks of heart disease.” Some gain more weight in the hips, while others don’t have fat concentrated in one area. With this first step, individuals can prevent identified health risks.

  1. Customize a workout and diet

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Upon learning the body type, the individual can start working out and dieting. Health experts have different recommendations for each body type, and there are many credible sources online, so it’s best to research this and customize the diet.

Once it’s settled, individuals can start drafting a schedule that they can commit to. To better appreciate the customized workout and diet plan, they must be open to changing some details, especially for those getting started with their fitness journey. If it doesn’t work, then the plan must be reevaluated.

  1. Consult with a licensed health coach as needed

But regardless if one is a beginner or an avid gym rat, individuals must not forget to consult with a licensed health coach for further instructions. Because technology is being highly utilized in this time, there are many health coaches you can reach out to online. Some even offer free workout videos and diet tips.

It is encouraged for individuals to reach out to experts, especially if they are experiencing serious health complications. Anyone is always better guided with information coming from those who have the experience and knowledge in the field.

In this current living situation, not being able to go back to the gym is not a loss. It lessens the risk of acquiring the virus or even passing on to others. Even stuck at home, you can become your own health coach provided with a simple guide.

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