Best Emerging US Cities to Launch a Business in 2016

Business Start-Up in Minnesota Where your business headquarters are located can dramatically affect your business. Even a simple physical store’s success is dependent on a number of factors, the most critical of which is location. The physical location determines how easily your business is accessible to potential customers, skilled employees, and business associates. You also need to operate in a place that offers a business-friendly atmosphere.

Gavish Real Estate gives three of the best cities to get a head start on your entrepreneurial dream.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is the hottest new emerging destination for recent grads and young professionals. It features a solid business lending climate and a much more affordable lifestyle than other cities. The start-up hub is replete with reasonably priced housing options and a hassle-free business environment, where the required paperwork to launch a business can be completed in a day.


Minneapolis houses the fourth largest number of small enterprises in the United States of America. The city provides a range of business financing programs, created to encourage aspiring businessmen. Minnesota offers one of the nation’s lowest tax rates, which makes it relatively easier to build a start-up here. Then, there’s a highly educated 1.6 million workforce.

Las Vegas

In the recent years, Las Vegas has become a much sought after destination for entrepreneurs. With a heavy investment that backs reality companies in Las Vegas, technology start-ups, and other small businesses, the city seeks to encourage people to launch new businesses in the thriving tourist hotspot. Las Vegas has several family-friendly planned communities that are perfect for small families.

A conducive business climate and favorable state policies can go a long way in determining the fate of your venture. Oklahoma City, Minneapolis and Las Vegas are some of the hottest emerging destinations to launch a business in 2016. Time to head here now to attract the right customers, investors, and business partners.

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