Better Than Diamonds: Why Go for Alternative Gemstones?

Engagement Ring They say diamonds are every woman’s best friend. While this old adage seems trueto some extent, a diamond is not the stone that you can give to your partner during your marriage proposal. Here’s why opting for alternative gemstones is a wise decision.

Reduced Cost

Historically, the De Beers Company fuelled a high demand for diamonds as the top jewel for engagement rings. This resulted in a huge increase in diamond prices across the globe. Other jewels, on the other hand, kept a more reasonable market price.

Some people cannot find any practical reason for buying diamonds for engagement rings. explains that a wedding ceremony and reception can be both memorable and affordable. Choosing a less costly alternative to diamonds is a practical move, as it allows soon-to-be-married couples to manage their wedding expenditures, such as the venue rental, caterers and outfits.


Diamonds are difficult stones to shape because of their hardness. This is what makes them expensive as well. Choosing a “softer” gem like amethyst, pearl, opal, or jade as your engagement stone is far more practical, as you can create unique markings on it for a more personalised look.


Choosing other jewels to go with your engagement ring is a unique way of showing how much your loved one means to you. You may choose gems that go well with your partner’s eyes, her birthstone or even her favourite colour. These materials do not require the same type of frequent polishing and tending as diamonds, which means you can wear your ring all the time. You only need to clean them after a few months or occasionally, depending on the stone you have chosen.

Gemstones, precious metals and other unique materials can be a better option for you and your beloved when shopping for an engagement or wedding ring. Choose the one that fits your story and personal preferences. After all, the true priceless one is not the ring you bought, but the person you want to wear it.

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