Bikram Yoga: The ‘Hot’ Way to Burn Calories

yogaSocial media trends impact a person’s perception of health. In Dubai, for instance, people turn to herbal supplements to manage weight. There is the need to have a figure similar to that of renowned celebrities and athletes on television. Other residents also want to get rid of the toxins in the blood.

Herbal supplements may not be effective, however. In fact, the government warns against products that make misleading claims. If you are looking for an effective way to lose weight and eliminate toxins in the body, a healthier choice is Bikram Yoga. Aside from improving your health, there are numerous benefits this type of exercise can provide.

Helps in Weight Management

For some people, Bikram Yoga is more difficult compared to regular types of yoga because of the increased temperature in closed space. A session typically lasts for 1.5 hours in a room that has a temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, it burns more calories because of the temperature. Heat enhances fat and carbohydrate metabolism, which aids in weight loss. In fact, you can burn approximately 1000 calories in a single session.

Improves Strength and Flexibility

With constant practise, GamePlaySport says you develop strength and flexibility through Bikram Yoga. You do several unique positions that enhance muscle intensity. You are not forced to be as flexible as a gymnast, but beginners slowly notice improvements.

Eliminates Toxins in the Cells

Bikram Yoga is also the best type of detoxification. The heat causes you to perspire more, which leads to enhanced sweat gland activity and subsequent toxin elimination in all cells in the body.

Bikram Yoga has become an increasingly popular exercise in Dubai due to its numerous health benefits. To experience its benefits, look for wellness centres that offer hot yoga classes for everyone. You may not initially realise it, but you will surely enjoy sweating, exercising and detoxifying.

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