Black Market Braces and Rubber Bands: The DIY Trend

Dental BracesHaving perfect teeth is now the norm and those who are unfortunate enough to have crooked and misaligned teeth are either looking for ways to straighten their chompers or leaving them alone. Whilst leaving them alone can lead to health conditions that go beyond the mouth, there are those seeking help to straighten their teeth to beautify their smiles.

Various orthodontic appliances are available on the market and these include braces, which come in ceramic and traditional metal; palatal expanders; and Invisalign braces, clear aligners that have great before and after results.

DIY Braces

Sadly, some people are taking matters into their own hands. Do-it-yourself braces are now the thing and different materials are used as alternatives to orthodontic appliances to straighten their teeth. These started after the trend blew up and went viral on video streaming sites, such as YouTube.

The cheapest and most common items used for DIY braces are rubber bands and they use these by placing them around the teeth in an attempt to push teeth closer together, especially for gaps. Another thing that these people use is dental floss and some of them even buy black market options.

The Consequences

The most obvious reason you should not opt for DIY braces is that it is dangerous and it can damage your teeth and your gums. Just how bad can the damage be, you ask: there are a number of possible complications that can occur, such as gum damage, tooth loss, tooth fractures and root damage. As for serious medical complications, non-sterile items can cause bacteria spread an infection into the bloodstream.

As for those bought from the black market, you are not even sure if the materials used are safe and sanitary. There is a possibility of its parts coming loose and you can even swallow these.

Getting braces may cost a bit of money, but imagine the damage DIY braces can give you. You may need more than just braces to get your smile back.

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