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How You Can Keep Career Development Active during the Pandemic

The pandemic may have caused numerous problems to people from all walks of life. For those who lost their jobs, are trying to advance in their career, or change career paths altogether, their journey took a standstill. But then, there is no reason to let the crisis stop you from achieving your career goals.

Some professionals made use of their time quarantining by focusing on career development. They chose to stay productive instead of putting the brakes on their career. If you too chose to do the same, here are some strategies you can keep in mind:

Invest in the Right Equipment

The right equipment can help you in attaining your dream career while sheltering in place. Whether you are still thinking about what your next career will or you already have an idea of what your next steps are, it is worth making the right investment now.

For instance, you wish to learn new skills that will aid you in getting that promotion at work. But with the sheltering in place, you have no choice but to stay at home during your free time. What you can do is invest in a budget-friendly computer you can use to learning new skills online.

A customized mini PC could work if your plan is to attend online courses. This works great for document processing, web browsing, video playback, and accessing web applications.  This low-power PC is enough to cover your bases while you are out learning and exploring new skills.

Take Online Courses and Get Certified

There are many free online courses for different professions. But these are often not complete in terms of essence. These may offer the basics but not the real deal if you are looking for a career game-changer.

Thankfully, there are many sites offering paid courses at a cheap price. Some even offer promos. You can get professional certifications to back up your CV and show employers you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills.

For instance, those who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of how search engine optimization works can consider Google Analytics courses. You can use this to help your own business gain traction and start optimizing your website for search engines. You can also use the extra certification to get a new job.

Consider Job Counseling


Are you still having a hard time deciding what career to take? Then job counseling can be a great investment. This has the potential to help you explore your skills, interests, and desires in favor of finding the right career path.

Job counseling does more than learn more about your strengths. This can also help in:

  • Understanding your weaknesses
  • Gain honest feedback about yourself
  • Get the right information needed to pursue a career
  • Setting career goals
  • Build Your Connections

One cannot stress enough the importance of having connections when building a career. You want to build a solid network of people within your industry. But it also helps that you widen your circle so you can open opportunities never even thought of exploring.

Having the right connections can help you find your next internship, the right job, or even your next client. Since going out and attending social events is still out of the equation, you can build your network online in the meantime. Start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is the social media site for professionals wanting to connect and collaborate. Here, you can add connections, build your network, and even make professional relationships with people all over the world. Some were able to land a job or a client from across the country using the platform.

Create Your Work Portfolio

You may already have years of experience that shows just how reliable you are at your work. Or maybe, you are still threading a new career and need something to prove to clients that you have what it takes to work on their projects. Instead of simply having folders showcasing your work, build your online portfolio.

Develop work samples featuring your designs, writings, or anything that shows evidence of your past work. If you are a writer, publish your unique content. If you are a designer, snap high-quality photos of your designs to show off to your clients.

Website developers can create website designs for your target industries. If you are an engineer, show the design or create a case study of companies you worked within the past. A portfolio might even land you a client without the necessary interview if you get to impress the right people.

These are but four ways you can tackle professional development while on quarantine. This shows that you can stay productive despite the pandemic. You just need to be dedicated so you can work on your career while you shelter in place.

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