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Challenges of Raising a Child as a Single Parent

You may be a parent who’s tasked with both taking care of your child and working to sustain them. You could already be in communication with an experienced divorce lawyer, receiving legal advice on your impending future decision that will change yours and your little one’s lives forever.

Whatever stage you’re in when it comes to single parenting, there is no mistake about it being difficult. Imagine having to work, maintain a home, and raise a child all at the same time. But is it doable? As a parent, you know you’ll do whatever it takes to make your child comfortable, to raise them in a positive environment, and to give mold them into the best person they can be.

What are the challenges you’ll face as a single parent?

If you’re a single mother or a single father, the difficulty of raising a child does not change. With a partner, there are already some difficulties, but alone? The duty is much heavier. You have the responsibility to provide on top of your responsibility to be there for them as possible.

You’ll go under pressure, stress, and fatigue. If you’re a working single parent, chances are you’re already tired before heading to work and even more tired when you get home. It can be avoidable, at times, for you to be inconsistent with supporting your child emotionally and physically because you have needs as well. That’s totally understandable, you can always take a break.

But if you’re consistently too tired to address both yours and your child’s needs, it may be time for you to seek assistance from your loved ones when it comes to watching over your child. It may be difficult for you to trust someone else when it comes to watching your child, but that’s better than having no choice but to leave them to themselves.

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What are the possible solutions?

To get some strain off yours and your child’s back when it comes to single parenting, here are some suggestions you can apply:

1. Let your child know that you’ll always be there for them

This should come as a basic principle of being a parent — let your child know that you’ll have their back no matter what happens or no matter where you are. Make them feel like they can rely on you while they explore the world as a child. This will help solidify the established trust between you and your child.

2. Let them know what to expect

Create a schedule—it is easier for you and your child when you both know what to expect. This also gives you the chance to plan out your activities around your scheduled time with your kid. Being present and spending time with them should be one of your top priorities. With this, consistency is key.

3. Look for reliable people who can watch your child

If you need to spend time away from work, be sure to find a caregiver who can provide quality care and can be trusted to look over your child. If your child has an older sibling, they can watch over them for short periods. But for long periods, adult supervision is still recommended.

4. Make time for yourself

When raising a child, it’s important for you, as a parent, to address your own needs. Your whole world doesn’t have to be about your child and how you’ll raise them properly. It should also be about you — because your image will be mirrored by your child. Take care of yourself to be able to show the best version of yourself.

5. Know when to ask for help

When you feel like raising a child as a single parent is beginning to feel exhausting, know that it’s okay to ask people you rely on for help. After all, being a single parent isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There is added strain especially if you’re working a full-time job or going through a rough time with your personal relationships. Having someone you trust to assist you at times shouldn’t be a pain, you and your child will both benefit from having an external intervention.

Single parenting can be a roller coaster ride. One moment you’re up there all joyful, the next, you’re deep under feeling like you’re not doing enough to be a good parent. But you know what? We all have down days. What matters is that you let your child know that it’s completely normal to have those days and highlight the importance of getting back up.

That’s an image you want your child to mirror — an image of someone strong and reliable.

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