The Gillman Barracks

Cheap Thrills that Make for Grand Memories in Singapore

The Gillman BarracksThe Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo, the Botanic Gardens are just some of Singapore’s many luxurious destinations that may lead you to believe that visiting the country would be costly.

If you limit your activities and travels to the aforementioned, then you will probably be spending a lot of money just to enjoy their full facilities.

So what is your trip to Singapore going to be like on a tight budget? Do not fret. There are actually a lot of ways to have fun in The Little Red Dot than most people would know, so we are letting you in on all the good stuff without spending all your goodies.

Enjoy Free Live Performances

Yes, the best things in life are free. Some of these are actually the most exciting activities to do in Singapore—like walking through a whole bay with a variety of performances awaiting to be feasted on and enjoyed.

Imagine a vacation with your family or friends, surrounded with music and arts performances that create once in a lifetime memory. Doesn’t it sound like something you would not trade for anything in the world? Not even money? Totally.

Cultural Fix

While it may be hard to catch a free offer from museums, it’s still a good idea to keep a close eye on it. Sweet deals are just lying around the corner, and if you are determined enough to find one—you’re sure to get one.

Singapore’s very rich and diverse culture is sure to pique your interest. With roots in the Chinese culture, Hinduism, and everything else, it’s highly likely for you to share thoughts and opinions with your companions that can give you groundbreaking realisations.

If all else fails, you will only need $6 to enter the country’s national museum and learn about their different origins. Not so bad, right?

Free Art

If you appreciate good art, then being able to see and behold different kinds of art can be good for your soul. That being the case, getting the most free art tours will be best. The Gillman Barracks and The Esplanade can give you just that.

You can also witness structural art with one of a kind architecture in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, being the largest church in the country, and the Armenian Church, being the smallest.

What’s more intimate and meaningful than appreciating beauty together with your loved ones?

Now, you need not hesitate going on that trip to Singapore with a not-so-big budget. Keeping in mind what’s most important for you on this trip will ground your ambitions and give you practical ways to achieve it.

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