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Choosing Your Office’s Color Palette

The colors in your office reflect more than just branding; they also influence the emotions and productivity of the employees. Many businesses simply settle for white or gray, industrial-looking space because it looks neat, tidy, and professional. But such a bare space might be detrimental to the mental well-being of the people occupying it.

So when you’re looking to elevate the interior after installing the wall cladding in your office, try injecting colors into the furniture and walls to make the space more alive and make employees more active and creative.

Here are the effects of colors on the mood and productivity of your employees.

Blue: The Color of Stability

Blue is a favorite among all industries because it represents calmness, serenity, and stability. As such, it helps employees focus on the task at hand. It’s great for quiet spaces with high cognitive demands because it reinforces concentration. It prevents eye strain, too, so people can look at the painted walls and relax their eyes after reading long pieces of text. It exerts a calming influence over a stressful environment.

Green: For Those Who Work Long Hours

If your employees stay in one position for many hours, green is a good color for the office. Like blue, it doesn’t cause eye fatigue; in fact, it helps the eyes rest. It is the color of nature, new life, and renewal, so it can reduce anxiety and promote mind-body balance.

Green is more stimulating than blue. So if the workers are tired of the monotonous task they’re dealing with, they simply have to look up the walls to feel refreshed and reinvigorated.

Yellow: Perfect for Sparking Creativity

Yellow is a hue that compels people to move, think, and make decisions. It fuels innovation, so it is perfect for places of high activity and jobs that require a lot of creativity. This optimistic color improves the mood, so it is helpful in offices that require a lot of collaboration.

Red: Ideal for Action-packed Offices

Red is the best color for workspaces with lots of physical activity. This warm color pushes people into action and features high energizing properties. It has been shown to increase blood flow, heart rate, and brain wave activity, so it’s no wonder it is the color splashed across fire trucks and fire stations. It evokes passion and is ideal for places that often get an adrenaline rush.

Pink: For Calming Effect

pink color

Pink is not as calming as blue or green, but it is known to diffuse aggressive behavior. As such, it is a nice touch in hostile environments, as it can calm people down and help them focus on more pressing matters. Since pink is a tint of red, it also has energizing properties that push people into action, without the pesky, urgent feeling.

Combining Colors

A truly productive space doesn’t rely on just one color; the key to creating an office that’s conducive to efficiency, creativity, and collaboration is combining different colors. A color palette creates harmony in the space and makes sure that your employees don’t get too much of the emotion that one color evokes.

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