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Skinny Jeans No More: the Newest Closet Staples You Need to Have

Do you know the secret to look trendy every single day? Outfits derived from timeless wardrobe essentials. While you have plenty of space for all the trendy pieces you bought in recent years, your essential apparel will always rule your wardrobe. In fact, every woman needs a few staples in her closet. They are only the true investment in terms of clothing.

Also known as carry-overs, wardrobe essentials consist of a timeless and reliable selection of basic clothing that makes dressing up easier. It doesn’t require too much guesswork if every clothes in your wardrobe are always in fashion.

As fashion magazines dish out the latest fashion trends this 2021, you might feel pressured into buying the latest styles. But before you head to the mall, why not check out the newest wardrobe essentials this year? Ready to get back to basics? Check out the iconic styles below.

1. Sweaters

The perfect sweaters go well with anything from the long satin skirt to your old pair of jeans. While most people wear sweaters as their lounge-in wear, this basic piece has become a luxury symbol, especially for many celebrities.

Even powerhouse fashion brands are including luxe sweaters and winter outfits in their lineup. One example is the Guess hoodies and jackets. Their current line includes matching sets of hoodies and sweats in different colors and styles.

2. Straight-leg jeans

After what seems like a lifetime, it’s time to say goodbye to the skinny jeans era. Although skinny jeans were your most flattering outfit to flaunt your smooth curves, it’s sad to say that they have officially lost their stranglehold on our closet.

Say hello to straight-leg jeans — the new denim default for your wardrobe staple. These retro-inspired jeans come with a cool and universally flattering shape. You can pair them with second-skin knits topped with statement sleeves. Talk about minimal effort with maximum impact!

3. Cashmere knit

For a dab of luxury to your everyday look, round out your closet with a cashmere knit. Cashmere offers the right mix of comfort, warmth, and coziness without sacrificing style. Its soft texture will make you feel snuggly, even in the coldest winter months.

Invest in a sumptuous cashmere sweater, and you will find yourself wearing it for years. For a more fashionable look, try classic knits in muted shoes or go bold by wearing a knit sweater to brighten any mood. For added warmth, layer a knit sweater with a basic long-sleeve tank.

4. Knit dress

Nothing is quite as cozy as a knit sweater, but wearing a sweater dress makes comfort even better. Wrap yourself in warm knit dresses in midi-length styles. Take a break from your white, basic dresses because knit dresses are the new staple.

Despite its laid-back style, a knit dress looks seriously smart even on a casual day. What’s great about this piece is that it doesn’t require too much styling. Slip on a chunky pair of boots paired with a leather sling bag, and you are good to go!

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5. Classic coat

For the coldest seasons, a classic coat is truly an investment piece that stands the test of time. Leather trench coats are still in fashion, as well as belted woolen styles. Even luxury brand Bottega Veneta has updated the classic trench in crisp leather fabrics by giving the everyday winter look the right dose of glam. But if you are looking for a little attitude, a statement coat offers a pulled-together look despite wearing casual clothes underneath.

6. Chunky boots

A solid pair of chunky boots is one of the most definitive styles for 2021. Elevated ankle boots are perfect for rainy days if you don’t want to sacrifice your look. Even military-inspired hiker boots are making a comeback, promising to put a unique spin on any outfit. Chunky boots are the perfect complement to everything from long skirts, dresses, blazers, slim pants, and jeans.

7. Clutch Bag

Small clutch bags are slowly replacing the classic handbag as the new style staple. This year, bags have shrunk and become ultimately softer. But smaller doesn’t mean less fashionable. Designer brands like Alexander McQueen incorporated artful architecture in their lineup of bags. From drawstring styles, metal straps, and other understated designs, clutch bags offer a fashion-forward edge to your everyday outfit.

Even good old-fashioned wardrobe staples go out-of-style. That is why it is important to dabble in new trends to keep your closet fresh and updated. Now that you know the new must-have essentials this year, you will longer run out of style ideas.

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